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so freaking true

you know you're an exchange student if..
1. you ever wore sweatpants and sleepers to school.
2. you ever missed school bus.
3. you were ever given a hallpass to go to the bathroom.

4. you say "like" and "awesome" every three words.
5. you know that Friday nights are reserved for football/basketball games.
6. you now think dubbing movies and TV series should be illegal. Movies are just so much better in their original language.
7. you love target and walmart.
8. you need starbucks every other day.
9. you use facebook more then version in your own language.
10. someone has asked you dumb quastions like: "do you have cell phones in ...?", "How long does it take to DRIVE to Europe?", etc  

11. you want to smack every person who asks you "How do you like it so far? Do you like it better than ...?" and "I love your accent, where are you from?".
12. you can't stop ordering refills because you are so used to them being for free.
13. you know the difference between "TALKING", "DATING", "HANGING OUT" and "GOING OUT",and you know that "going with somebody" doesn't actually mean you are going somewhere.
14. you want to take tests with pencil and look for multiple choice sections on tests.
15. you don't think it's wrong to have cake AND ice cream.
16. you are used to people looking at you in a wired way just because you are walking or biking to get to places.
17. you went to homecoming and prom.
18. you park as close to the store as possible so you don't have to walk even one yard too far.

19. you gained 10 kg staying in US doing different kind of sports...and lost them all after getting back to your country without doing anything special.
20. you've heard the american national anthem more than your own, and you can even sing it along.

21. you know pledge of allegiance by heart.
22. you had to heat the water up in the microwave to make tea.
23. you argued to americans for few hours about what color blood actually is but never made them believe you anyway.
24. you know how to doggy!
25. you taught anybody how to curse in your language.
26. you realized how sucky would life be without skype.
27. you tell to every person you meet "what's up dude/girl?"
28. you ever missed school just cause of the snow.
29. you ever ate in buffet so much that it made u wanna puke but you kept eating anyway cause you dont wanna waste money you payed.
30. you have problems speaking your native language.

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kriffek комментирует...

4 actually means you're native
7 umm not necessarily u can just be reasonless
9 u can write then instead of than but never 'their' instead of 'there'
14 oh yeah baby
17 apparently only not very smart exchanges would go there....
19 ten what sorry??? using 'kilograms' and 'kilometres' apparently means you're exchange student
20 umm doesn't make sense, see 4
22 see 14
25 not me :)
27 umm i just say 'what's up!' but that's what all americans do !!!
30 americans also experience that

darya комментирует...

oh god u r such a nerd ahah
4. it may actually mean both
9. i didnt write their instead of there, there is then instead of than there but it was not actually my fault but german guy's who wrote a big part of it
17. whats wrong with them, its a part of experience and bla bla bla u nerd!
19. german guuy
20. see 4
30. hahahahahhahahahahahahhaahah thats funny

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